Pandoro Panettone Course




After so many years of mastering panettone process, I am beyond happy to announce this course, which will combine the fastest and the most effective way of creating pasta madre (stiff sourdough starter) from scratch with only apples, water and flour to make the most wanted and popular Italian treat of all times Panettone and Pandoro.

Join me for this unique culinary journey, where the delightful flavors of apples combine with the art of sourdough baking to create exceptional panettone and pandoro from scratch within 1 week.

Apple-Based Pasta Madre for Panettone and Pandoro

Duration: 6-8 days

In this immersive online course, recorded in Instagram format students will learn the art of creating pasta madre (stiff sourdough starter) from scratch using apples as the main ingredient. During 6 days, participants with help of temperature control will be transforming apples, water and flour into active pasta madre.

Each day, students will learn main points of temperature control, feeding schedules and delve into the step-by-step procedures.

On the seventh day of the course, students will witness the fruits of their labor as they explore the application of their pasta madre in the preparation of classic Italian festive breads: panettone and pandoro.

During the course participants will have the opportunity to ask questions, receive personalized feedback, and exchange knowledge with instructor.

Note: The course may require some basic knowledge of baking techniques and familiarity with sourdough starters, though beginners are also welcome to attend and learn from the ground up.

Required equipment:

⁃ Untreated, pesticide free organic apple
⁃ strong bread flour 13% protein (unbleached, untreated, without any additives)
⁃ place where you can keep a constant temperature of 30C/86F, or proofer
⁃ place where you can keep a constant temperature of 18C/64.4F, 21C /69F (it could be your basement, wine cooler or sourdough home)
⁃ Panettone and Pandoro molds

How to access Pandoro Panettone Bundle:

  1. Fill out the required billing information
  2. Provide your Instagram account name in order to get access to the courses
  3. Complete check-out
  4. Request to follow @pandoro_panettone account on Instagram