Panettone Advanced Course



PREREQUISITES: ready to use pasta madre (stiff starter) or previous completion of the Panettone for Beginners Course that provides detailed instructions on how to create pasta madre, using your existing liquid starter, and basic understanding on how to work with highly enriched dough.

Panettone Advanced Course is specially designed for panettone enthusiasts that are seeking to improve their skills further and achieve the most outstanding results with light texture and open crumb full of alveoli.

In this Instagram based course you will find the following:

  • Steps on how to maintain and balance acidity of your pasta madre
  • Instructions on building strong and highly hydrated first and second doughs
  • My support throughout the process

Bonus material:

  • Recipe of double-chocolate panettone

How to access Panettone Advanced Course:

  1. Fill out the required billing information
  2. Provide your Instagram account name in order to get access to the course
  3. Complete check-out
  4. Request to follow @panettone_advanced account on Instagram

Account access will be granted within 24 hours.