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No Knead Bread

Experience the joy of baking without the knead!

I am genuinely impressed by the simplicity of making this bread. The magic lies in its minimal ingredients and steps.



  • Simply mix all ingredients quickly, cover, let it ferment at 60-62°F/16-17°C for 16-17 hours.
  • Shape it, and place the formed loaf into a round proofing basket to rest, while the oven will be preheating.
  • Begin preheating the oven with a Dutch oven inside to 500°F. 
  • Bake for 15 minutes at 500°F with the lid on, then 25 minutes without the lid at 450°F.


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13 thoughts on “No Knead Bread

  1. Natalia can I make a larger loaf just by doubling all quantities?
    Same proof time and shaping?

    1. Hi there! Yes, you can definitely make a larger loaf by doubling all the quantities in the recipe. However, keep in mind that you may need to adjust the proofing time slightly as a larger loaf may take longer to rise. It’s always a good idea to keep an eye on the dough and look for the visual cues of when it’s ready for baking, such as it doubling in size. The shaping process should remain the same, just be sure to adjust the size of the loaf accordingly

  2. Can I use sourdough starter instead of yeast?

    1. Absolutely, but it might take longer to ferment.

  3. Hello, Can I use other type of flour? I can’t find the same as you in Europe and at Amazon its currently unavaliable. Thank you!

    1. Hello! Yes, you can definitely try using a different type of flour in place of the one mentioned in the recipe. You may want to consider using all-purpose flour. Just keep in mind that the texture and taste of the final product may vary slightly. Happy baking!

      1. Thank you Natalya!

    2. Shop for flour by protein content; not by name. Our bread flour in the US has a protein content of 12.7%.

      1. Thank you Deborah!

  4. Is this considered a sour dough bread?

    1. No, this bread made with yeast only.

  5. Witam. Mi coś nie chce wyrastać w smaku jest dobry mimo to ale wygląda śmiesznie. Ja mam zwykły piekarnik w Celsjuszach i używam drożdży świeżych. Może to jest problem 🙂

  6. Wszystko pozmieniał
    Mam zwykły piekarnik i używam drożdży swierzych

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