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Lavash (Armenian Flatbread)


Lavash is a traditional thin, unleavened, Armenian flatbread made in a tandoor oven. It is popular across the Middle East.

Lavash can be compared with Mexican tortillas, but it needs to be rolled a lot thinner and wider in diameter.

After my kids saw it, they called it “edible paper”, that’s how thin it was 🙂

It is perfect as a wrap or can be used as great addition to a barbecue or shish kebab.

Ready in:  1 hours Serves:  4-6 people
Yield:   10 x 60gUnits:  US, EU


Main Dough

  • 350g bread flour
  • 225g hot boiling water
  • 20g olive oil 
  • 7g salt


  • Combine together flour, hot boiling water, olive oil and salt, knead for 3-5minutes, until no dry flour remained and dough will come up together. Dough doesn’t have to be smooth.
  • Cover the dough , let it rest 30 min. During that time the flour will absorb the water, becoming fully hydrated.
  • Divide the dough into 60g pieces.
  • Let them rest covered for 15 min.
  • Generously sprinkle the table with flour, and start rolling lavash as thin as possible. It has to reach that thickness point when you will be able to see your hands through it. Diameter can get around 20inches/50cm or smaller.
  • Preheat the oven with big enough pan to fit the lavash, or preheat the grill until 500F.
  • Bake lavash on the grill for 15-20 seconds on each side.
  • Remove from heat, then spray each lavash with water spritzer, stack them up and cover with wet towel for 10-15 min.


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11 thoughts on “Lavash (Armenian Flatbread)

  1. thank you dear for the always wonderful recipes. must be very tasty I’m going to make it!!

    1. Thank you, Maria 🙏

  2. Info. This is authentic Persian bread recipe. Originated in Persia to begin with. That is not Armenian bread or recipe. The meaning of the lavash means thin. I don’t understand that why people call the flat bread.

  3. Another reason for getting a grill!!! I need lavash!!!

    1. It’s delicious 😋

  4. How would you change the ratios if I wanted to make the Lavash fermented or sourdough?

  5. It is not Amenian food. Stop making everything armenian. It is region food from tadjikistan to istanbul from derbend to israel

    1. What? Armenians don’t eat this? Get over yourself and stop hating on Armenia. 😡🙄

  6. I love Armenian food esp Armenian LAVASH!! This looks delicious! Thank you so much for the recipe, I can’t wait to make it tomorrow morning!

  7. I love lavash and it is not Armenian. Please correct facts.

  8. I’m Lebanese we don’t call it lavash. It’s eaten all over the Middle East. Generally baked over a Saj. Whatever one calls it we all love it!.

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