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Panettone Recipe

Panettone Recipe

In this post you will find a much wanted Panettone recipe, as well as tips, recommendations and a helpful dough calculator.

The recipe is a well known formula from chef Piergiorgio Giorilli, adapted by Michael from The Fresh Loaf website.

Aromatic Mix


  • Night before making the dough mix all the ingredients for aromatic mix and let them soak in the fridge overnight.

First Dough

  • 69g stiff starter (40% hydration)
  • 75g sugar
  • 120g water
  • 54g egg yolks
  • 72g butter
  • 240g flour


  • Mix water and sugar, add stiff starter and flour.
  • Add butter, knead until well incorporated, slowly add egg yolks.
  • Total mixing time about 20-25 min.
  • First dough should triple in volume in about 12 hours.

Second Dough 

  • 60g flour
  • 66g sugar
  • 4g salt
  • 96g egg yolks
  • 129g butter
  • 2g malt
  • 120g raisins
  • 60g candied orange peel
  • 30g candied lemon peel


  • Mix flour and malt, add first dough, knead well, add sugar, egg yolks, salt and flavorings, incorporate butter.
  • Total mixing time 45-55 min. 
  • Before shaping, insert 2 bamboo sticks into each paper mold. It will help, after baking, to hang panettone upside down for stabilization. You can poke the baked panettone with sticks, but I find it less efficient.
  • Divide according the size of your mold.

Use this helpful tool below to figure out the amount of dough needed for various Panettone mold sizes.

  • Let it proof for 6-8 hours at 28-30C/ 82-86 F.
  • Bake at 350F for 25-35 minutes depending on the weight of panettone. Hang them upside down for about 12 hours to stabilize the crumb.

Critical Points

  1. Strong flour, high quality ingredients are very important.
  2. Leavening is the foundation of success when making panettone. By using the stiff sourdough starter for the Panettone production you achieve two things: extend Panettone’s shelf life and give it that unique fluffiness. 
  3. Strong and active stiff starter (lievito madre) with balanced level of acidity. It has to be properly fermented and refreshed before it is added to the dough. 
  4. Temperature of the dough is something to keep an eye on. Keep monitoring the temperature during mixing. It shouldn’t go higher then 28 C/82 F.
  5. The order of adding ingredients during mixing is important as well. First dough will take 20-25 minutes to knead. Second dough will take 45-50 minutes to knead.

And the most important piece – is your patience. 

Panettone is a very time consuming baked good to work with, but it is so worth it.

If you feel that you need additional information on how to prepare stiff starter (lievito madre) from liquid sourdough starter, how to decrease acidity of the final product, how to properly mix the ingredients, or want to review detailed step by step video instructions on this topic please consider my Panettone for Beginners Course and Panettone Advanced Course.

Good luck!

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181 thoughts on “Panettone Recipe

  1. Hi Natasha,

    What malt is this? Is this Barley Malt, Malt Syrup, Malt Powder, Malt Extract, Malted Milk Powder. Thanks I am new to this hence I am not sure

    1. Hi, I’m using barley malt

      1. English please 🙏

      2. Dear Natalya
        How to make a 40 % stiff starter?
        How to convert a 100 % starter to 40 % stiff starter?
        Thanks for your respond.

      3. Bob, hi!
        You gave yo lower the amount of water to 40%

      4. Hi Natasha, Thanks for your response. I can’t get barley malt. Anything else I could use as a substitute. Thanks

      5. Substitute it with regular flour 🙏

      6. Hi there, I am new to panettone and am very much on budget and would love to take one of your classes but cant afford to do all of them. Can you direct me to make pasta madre or would this recipe still work with a regular stiff starter ? when you say hydration of stiff starter is 40% that would mean you are feeding it 40 g of water? Sorry I am really interested in the advanced course. I havent made this before but am very confident I will pull it off. So I will try to figure out the pasta madre then take your advanced course. I wish I could do both but I cant. I also am curious if I can make tyhis without the malt? Me and my son are both highly sensitive to malted barley.

    2. Hi Natasha, what is malt ? I’m newbie panettone

      1. If you don’t have malt, replace it with flour.

    3. How can I make this recipe without starter?

    4. In fact if you’re using a very strong stiff levain/sourdough you don’t need instant yeast nor diastic malt powder …

  2. Hola genia. Que cantidades usas para la mezcla aromatica y en que momento la agregas?. Y usas algun glaseado?

  3. Oh my. I’ve waited for this! Amazing. Thank you, Natasha.
    Greetings from Ukraine)

    1. Hi Natasha

      Have you got any tutorial/instructions on the stiff starter? I have tried to make mine many times without success! Is it similar to the sweet starter for your sweet milk buns (which are amazing I might add!) ?


      1. Thank you! It’s hard to cover all the details in one post. But there’s so much info on internet 🙏

    2. Спасибо, земляк 😉

  4. Pliegues a la masa final antes de poner en los moldes le haces?

    1. English please 🙏

  5. Thank you dear, thank you so much, you and so much wonderful. God bless you richly 🙏🙏🙏❤️😘😘

    1. Наталья, добрый день. Давно слежу за вашим аккаунтом в инсте, очень нравится ваш профиль, подача и ваши результаты!!! Вы потрясающе даёте информацию . Регулярно пеку по вашему рецепту чиабатту, это просто супер! Жаль что не могу отправить вам фото))) Иду в гости и беру с собой хлеб, он съедается первым))). Вот собираюсь испечь пантеоне, но я живу в Украине, в Одессе, а у нас война, бомбят и свет есть не регулярно, вернее его скорее нет ((. Но я все равно хочу попробовать подстроиться. Я веду свою Левито Мадре 50%, подскажите пожалуйста , чтобы перевести ее в 40% мне нужно взять например 100 гр закваски 50% влажности , 100 гр муки и 40 гр воды ? Я правильно понимаю пересчёт? Освежать хочу в минеральной воде. И ещё, сколько раз ее нужно освежить для пантеоне, чтобы максимально убрать кислотность? Спасибо огромное за ваш труд!!

      1. Алена, спасибо большое за ваши теплые слова.
        Да, вы все правильно поняли.
        40% воды это 40г если муки было 100г

  6. hi Natasha – can you please share the Stiff Starter recipe ?

    1. Stiff starter is a liquid starter fed with 40% hydration 🙏

      1. Thank you 🙏🏻 🙏🏻🙏🏻😘😘😘

      2. I’m very new to the start/stiff starter world, after I feed my starter with the 40% hydration do I need to let it double in size again or wait a specific amount of time before I put it into the recipe?

      3. Usually I let my starter to triple in 3-4 hours, before adding it to the dough.

    2. At what time do you add the aromatic mix???

      1. Thanks! Was looking for the answer to this 😅 any tips?

      2. You can add it with yolks or at the end of mixing, before adding dry fruit

    3. Natalia, good afternoon. I have been following your Instagram account for a long time, I really like your profile, feed and your results!!! You provide amazing information. I often bake ciabatta according to your recipe, it’s just super! It’s a pity that I can’t send you a photo))) I go to visit and take bread with me, it is eaten first))). I’m going to bake a pantheon, but I live in Ukraine, in Odessa, and we have a war, they’re bombing and the light is not on a regular basis, or rather it’s not there ((. But I still want to try to adjust. I keep my Levito Madre 50% humidity, tell me please, to convert it to 40%, I need to take, for example, 100 g of sourdough 50% moisture, 100 g of flour and 40 g of water? Am I understanding the calculation correctly? And yet, how many times should it be refreshed to reduce acidity as much as possible?

      1. Your comment about baking and being determined to do it…while you have a war going on…Amazing.
        Food in the great love equalizer. Thank you for humbling me in a very kind way.

  7. Hi Natasha, first of all, thank you for your amazing recipes! I have a question regarding the molds, what size did u use??

    1. Thank you, I was using 500g molds 🙏

  8. Natasha… thank you so much for sharing your knowledge… When you kneading first and second dough… what’s speed is the correct for this!? I have a kneading machine with just 2 speed and a fixed hook. Hugs

    1. Hi! Great question! I’m using KitchenAid on speed 3 and 4

  9. I would like to know how long your courses still in the plataform, for exemple 6 months a year or lifetime. Thank you.

    1. Hi!
      It’s a lifetime access with all my support 🙏

      1. Dear Natasha
        I chanced upon this simple panettone bread recipe. Will like to know for the first dough to rise for 12hrs, do I keep it in the refrigerator or room temp of 28 degree Singapore whether?

  10. Hi, how are you? Ask me a question, please! Is there no need to let it proof before shaping and putting it in the molds?

    1. Hi! You have to shape them and let proof in molds 🙏

  11. Hi Natalia,
    Do you think I can make the dough without using a stand mixer?

    1. Maria, it’s pretty much impossible 😔

  12. Hi Natasha! amazing picture, I will definetly try for myself! let me ask, when the AROMATIC MIX goes in? thanks a lot!!

    1. Thank you!
      You gave yo add it with egg yolks 🙏

      1. Thanks for the reply Natasha! I have to add in the second dough right?

      2. Correct, in the second dough with egg yolks.

    2. Hi Natasha…. Is it possible to replace the stiff starter with a regular sourdough starter, as I hv just about learned to make regular sourdough starter, if yes what would be the weight of the regular sourdough starter to be added??🙏🏻

  13. Did you say 25+55 minutes of mixing/kneading?

    1. First dough 25, second dough – up to 55.

  14. Hi dear,

    how to do stiff starter? Actually you told need to feed 40%hydration but how about flour? How much we need to put?

    1. Use same amount starter and flour and 40% of water, let ferment for 4 hours.

  15. Natasha, thank you for your panettone recipe, what weight bread does this recipe make? I used your calculator, 17 cm height, 12 cm width, equals 1052 gr dough required. It would help to know what size mold you used. I am going to have to make mine as we can’t get them here in South Africa.

  16. Hello Natasha!

    Im testing your recipe right now 🤗 tomorrow if everything is ok Ill have my panettone!

    One silly question. How do you get such a perfect clean cut for the photo? Do you cool the panettone in the fridge before cutting in half? Ultra sharp knife? It looks so beautiful!! Mine always looks kind of oily and messy, its dificult to see the crumb

  17. Tamara, hi! Let panettone settle down for 1-2 days, then do a cut.
    Good luck 🙏

  18. Hi natasha!
    I want to try making this at home but I do have some questions regarding the stuff starter. On your Instagram I saw that you roll it out and put it in water, do I have to do it too? What’s the feeding schedule? Also, I saw some people doing the method using cloth and putting in the fridge. Do you do that too? Thanks for your help. Made your pizza recipe and focaccia recipe the other day and it was a hit! You’re the best!! Greetings from Brazil 😁

    1. You have to feed it with 40% hydration, and keep it ether in the cloth or in the water.
      Good luck

  19. Hi Natasha! Thanks for sharing your recipes!
    what do you put on top?

  20. It’s a mixture of 1part almond flour, 2 parts sugar, 1/10 part of corn starch, 1/5 part of rum

  21. Hello Natasha!

    My stand mixer cannot mix for more than 10-15 minutes. Any tips on mixing without having to mix for longer than that? Thank you for your recipe!

    1. Koby, hi!
      It’s pretty much impossible to do it shorter, or without mixer 🙏

  22. may i know the starter used to make the stiff starter can it be a rye n bf mixed of feed?

  23. I followed your recipe but after mixing the second dough, the dough was very sloppy, not able to hold it’s shape.
    Where have I gone wrong?

    1. Sorry to hear that. You didn’t develop enough strength when mixed first dough with flour

      1. I followed your instructions regarding to mixing time for the first dough. Should I have mixed it longer or on a higher speed?

  24. Hi Natasha

    The mix of aromas which is the weight of lemon and orange zest?

    1. Use zest of one orange and lemon

      1. You can add all ingredients together and will get total amount.

  25. How many grams of weight is the final amount?

  26. Natasha, thanks for sharing the recipe. where do you buy Molini Pasino flour for panettone? what is recommended flours mix? Thanks.

    1. Hi!
      I messaged them through Instagram 🙏

  27. Hello, Thanks for the nice recepy. I am very sorry for my silly question, but i will try… I have no idea how to work and make the starter, can it be replaced with yeast? And if yes, please tell me how to do it. Thanks!

    1. Hi!
      Please check my baker’s journal, there’s a full tutorial on how to create starter

  28. Hi Natalya. In the recent posts on this topic (panettone), I have noticed that you improved a lot of panettone’s crumb. Actually, your panettone looks like the Roy one.
    I envisage the you worked on pH or temperature but not on the recipe.
    Could you help me to better understand the right way to improve in the same direction?
    If you want, you could take a look on my instagram’s account (carmine_evangelista) and you may see my panettone.
    Thank you in advance.

  29. Hey Natasha! Thanks for the recipe! I’ve tried it the other day and it didn’t go right! I think it’s my flour, did you use Manitoba? The one I’m using has 13% protein and I don’t know if that was the problem. I think the gluten was never properly developed and it wasn’t able to maintain the bubbles. Thanks again, I’m trying all your recipes and they are all fantastic!

  30. Natasha hi!
    Is This type of Malta works ?

    Harina De Malta Diastásica 1 Kg Mejorante Para Pan

    1. you can substitute malt with 1tsp of honey

  31. Hello! Could you give an advice please? I followed the recipe,went above and beyond being as precise as possible, used a panettone flour and a stiff starter, and I failed(( twice…The dough was more slacky and wouldn’t hold it’s shape at the end of the mixing. I made sure to let the dough form the gluten structure but only thing I noticed, is the relatively high temperature of the dough, caused by the mixer, my guess, and I even tried to cool it in the fridge while mixing time to time, but still in the end, the dough just doesn’t hold together, inpossible to shape in a ball even..😔😔 Please, could you have any guess, what could be the cause?

    1. Sorry to hear it didn’t worked out!
      Main reasons are:
      -Higher acidity of stiff starter can cause high acidity in first dough, and it will lead to a gluten breakage in a second.
      – as you said if dough got too warm (more than 28C) then yes, gluten will be ruined too.
      My only suggestion, work on strength of your stiff starter, it has to triple or more in 3-4 hours.
      And be patient when incorporating ingredients. Second dough should take about 50 min.

  32. Hi Natasha, been trying out some of your sourdough discard recipe 👍👍. Must admit I was quiet afraid to do any recipe with sourdough but since last weekend I started my very own 🤞🤞. My question is about the panettone recipe … Should the 1st dough be made the night before and proof in the fridge or not?. Thank you and keep up the good work.

    1. Hi!
      First dough has to be made evening before and proofed at 24-26C overnight

  33. Do you have the bakers % for this recipe ?

  34. Natalya obrigada pela receita.
    1) Vc deixa a primeira massa dormir a 24 graus entao é fora ds geladeira.
    2)Que horas voce da descansos para a massa crescer ,
    3)quantas vezes e se faz ele em 2 dias somente.
    O starter duro é mantido na gelaleira e na agua ?
    Ele nao desmancha?
    E se for no pano vc alimento nas mesmas proporções de 3 em 3 dias?.

    1. (Hi Natasha, the Portuguese part of this reply is just me explaining you only answer English comments, but nevertheless trying to help this person. Not spam, just so you know lol. Panettone is hugely popular in Brazil and in Portugal, and your tutorial is one of the best online, and is easily translated, so this might get frequent this time of year)

      Helena, eu acredito que ela não irá te responder porque ela só responde comentários em inglês ou em ucraniano, que são os idiomas que ela fala, mas 1- sim, é fora da geladeira; se sua cidade estiver mais quente que 24ºC, tome cuidado para a primeira massa não crescer demais e perder força. 2- A primeira massa descansa por 12 horas (ou até triplicar de tamanho) e a segunda por 6-8 horas. 3- não deu pra entender o que você quis dizer nessa parte, desculpe. Mas o processo inteiro dura 2 dias se você já tiver o levain firme. Você pode deixá-lo na geladeira dentro de um pote de vidro ou amarrado dentro de um pano e, antes de fazer o Panettone, abrir com o rolo e enrolar como se fosse um rocambole, e então deixar de molho na água por algumas horas pra perder a acidez. Isso não é tão necessário se você o alimentar 3x/dia nos dois dias anteriores a iniciar o Panettone, já que a acidez não vai acumular tanto. E você não perguntou, mas o malte da receita não é o extrato de malte para panificação e sim o malte de cerveja mesmo, que você pode comprar em alguma cervejaria artesanal da sua cidade; só pedir pra eles algumas gramas de “malte com bom poder diastático” e moer no processador.

      1. Thank you so much for your help 🙌

      2. Obrigada Daniel vc sabe a receita do levito madre? Pode me passar?
        Obrigada por sua atenção. Um abraço

        Maria Helena

      3. Muito ben explicado Daniel Diniz

      4. Ola Daniel. Tenho a massa madre sólida envolta en pano na geladera. Sei que tenho que manter ela cada duas semanas. Cuántas refrescadas tengo que fazer para o refrigerio se nao vou fazer panettone?

  35. Hi!!! I had a problem, my panettone iot isn’t growing enough when I bake what could be? Do you use steam? Thanks for the recipe

    1. Hi!
      The problem can be in weak flour, weak pasta madre, dough handling etc… many factors involved.

  36. Dear Natalya, thank you very much for sharing such a good recipes with us. Can you create an egg-free panettone recipe, please? Or any other egg-free sweet baking recipes?

    1. Hi!
      Thank you!
      You can bake sweet bread without yolks.
      But for panettone is necessary to use eggs.

  37. Thank you for this master recipe. Does this work with King Arthur bread flour? I have heard that panettone must be made with extremely strong flour, with like 13-15% protein content, but KA bread flour has only 12.7% protein. Would it withstand the extremely long fermentation?

    1. Peter, hi!
      Yes, King Arthur bread flour will work great

      1. Thank you very much. I will give it a try!

  38. Hello Natasha!
    My first attempt at the recipe didn’t go very well. The first dough was great and did triple in size, however when I mixed the second dough ingredients the dough never came together, it stayed with the consistency of like pound cake batter. I’m not sure what happened. I ended up adding some more flour and my mix ins and baked it as a loaf! But I really want to try again! Do you have any suggestions? Could it be that my butter was pretty soft?

    1. Hi!
      Sorry it didn’t work out from the first time.
      When mixing second dough, mix 1st dough and flour for 10min, then 10 min with sugar.
      On slowest speed. Then everything should work well

    2. I had the same problem – cake like batter not something you could shape by any means. Ended up pouring it into forms and proofing. I also recognized the issue while in the second batter mixing. Added less yolks (-80g) and added more flour (+100g) seemed to help and bread rises just fine – no dome to the top also too soft to score! Might check that formula Natasha – really is too soft – used King A. Bread flour in my attempt.

      1. Sorry meant to mentioned I made 2.5x the recipe for above modifications of egg yolk and flour.

      2. Aaron/Sylvina, based on my experience and my research (and I have thrown away quite a few cake textured 2nd dough), it may be due to too much acetic acid in your pasta madre. Do a bagnetto before the 3 refreshments and see if it helps. But you must make sure gluten forms before adding too much butter too fast. PM strength is very important. Good luck.

    3. I had the same problem. First dough Was wonderful. It trippled during the night and Was so fluffy. But the second dough Was a disaster. I could only pour it in the mould and bake but it didnt rise at all. So I Was wondering if 60 g of flour isn’t too little for it.

      1. Hi!
        Sorry it didn’t work out for you.
        Yes, the amount of flour is correct. Maybe st likely the problem was in the mixing. You have yo develop strong dough before adding next ingredient.

  39. Hi Natasha, j hi ow g do o you make the stiff starter please. Do you have measurements please. Thank you

    1. It has to be 45% hydration

  40. Hi Natasha!
    Thank you for this recipe! I wanted to ask you if you score your panettone? I’ve seen many videos where bakers do that, however, sometimes they only use the nut-egg white mixture. Does that affect the bake in any way?
    One more thing I was wondering is if I wanted to try some nut flavors (pistachio or almond) could I swap a small amount of butter with a nut butter? Or could I add it without changing the ingredients?

  41. Hi! Thank you for your recipe! I’m gonna shock you with my question, but I want to convert this recipe to make it Vegan. I have a pretty good substitute for both butter and honey, however the struggle is the egg yolk. Do you have any ideas / thoughts on what might be best to try?


    1. Hi!
      I know, many people was asking the same question.
      I wish I knew how yo make it as good without egg yolk.
      Try maybe apple sauce or some other substitute.

  42. Hi Natasha I love your recipe. Can I use only chocolate instead of fruit?
    And is it necessary to add more egg yolk or butter or everything stále the same? Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi!
      Thank you!
      Yes, absolutely!
      You can use any inclusions without any changes to the dough (up to 100% from total amount of flour)

  43. Hi Natasha!
    thank you for this recipe!
    what is the final weight of the aromatic mixture to add to the dough? everything we prepare the night before?

    1. I used zest of 1 lemon and 1 orange.
      Didn’t measure the final weight

  44. Thank you for sharing, Natasha! Would you tell how much mixing time will it take in a spiral mixer?(Famag IM10)

    1. Galena, hi!
      It should take 40-45 min

  45. Hi Natasha,
    Do you see any difference in using 40%, 45% or 50% hydration pasta madre? Do you recommend 40% or a little more hydration and why?
    Also, my 1st dough rises 3x in 8-10 hrs, binds well in 2nd dough and the panettone rises well, smells good and tastes good but it lacks those airy holes in your picture. What do you think the issue is? Thank you for the recipe!

    1. Hi!
      40-45% hydration is good.
      Big alveolis we are getting from good flour, strong pasta madre and proper dough handling.

  46. Hello Natasha! 🙂
    My question would be, do I have liquid sourdough. feasible with it? Should it be 40% hydrated too?
    Thank you very much! 😊

    1. Hi!
      Yes, only stiff starter can help you to balance the acidity of your panettone.

      1. Thank you very much! I feed 40% liquid sourdough. Should it be 69 gr?

  47. Hi Natasha! I live in a hot state (florida) and I was wondering if have any tips/tricks to prevent the dough from overheating while kneading/mixing. I feel like my dough heats up too quickly when using my KA stand mixer. It’s quite difficult to mantain the dough at 24/28°C.
    Also, could you please explain why I shouldn’t let my dough exceed 28°C?

    1. Hi!
      Place the bowl full of ice under mixing bowl. Or stack ice packs all over the bowl during mixing.
      Higher temp (28C or more) will ruin gluten.

  48. Your panettone looks amazing. Any tips on how to get a more open crumb?

  49. Hello Natasha, I apologize if my question was already asked by someone. Anyway, I have a starter at 50% hydration, but I would like to make lievito madre from it. Can I keep and maintain only lievito madre if I want to bake breads and panettone? Or I will have to keep and maintain both of them??? I want to get this cleared before I will dive in to the whole process…Thank you, Regina

  50. Hello!
    My first dough didn’t rise at all…
    I refreshed my lievito madre every 4 hours (3 times) before using for recipe, it was very bubbly and active, floated.
    I mixed everything little by little, made sure the dough temp didn’t go to high, highest it got to was 81.2F and so I stopped for a while. The final mix was very smooth and elastic, it passed the window pane test. But then it just sat there completely flat, even 24 hours later. Has this ever happened to you? Any ideas why that would happen?
    The only thing I could think of is that I ran out of Manitoba/Panettone flour, so I used a very high gluten bread flour, which I also use to feed the LM, could that be why? Thanks!

    1. Hi!
      Thank you for detailed description.
      Sometimes, even if pasta madre is rising well, acidity can go higher, which will block the yeast production, that’s mostly why your dough didn’t grow.
      Do you have ph meter?

      1. Thank you for your reply! I don’t have a ph meter, but maybe it’s time to buy one. Hopefully that solves it!

  51. Hello Natalya! I’m wondering if you could please share two things. What specific size of paper mold did you use? And regarding the malt for the second dough. . .I do not prefer to use a replacement. Are you able to provide the specific malt you used as well? Thank you so much! All of your breads and baked goods are so beautiful. I’ve been following along for quite a while, just bought your book this week and am so excited to dive in! Warmest Regards, Nikki

  52. Hello. Thank you for guiding us. I have two doubts: is the sourdough you use for the panettone the same one you use for all the recipes and you transform it into solid sourdough, or do you have a solid sourdough that you keep in the refrigerator? And the other question I have is whether the paddle can be used instead of the hook in the heavy duty kichenaid, because for small quantities I have a problem hooking the dough with the hook. Many thanks

    1. Hi!
      I have pasta madre(stiff starter), that was created by converting it from liquid starter.
      And yes, paddle attachment will work just fine.
      Thank you

      1. Hello, thanks for answering. siho without fully understanding. I take it you’ve turned your motherfuckin’ liquid into a solid, but then you keep her sore in the fridge? Or do you just create more coffee than you need from the liquid you keep daily?

      2. Hello, sorry for the failed message. I use Google translate and rush to post without reviewing. I still don’t fully understand. I understand that you have converted your liquid sourdough into a solid one. But then do you keep it solid in the fridge? Or do you simply create a solid mass every time you need it from the liquid that you maintain daily?

  53. Hi chef , I am from India actually I don’t have bread flour I have all purpose flour so if I want to make with all purpose flour then to make this bread how much gluten and bread improver should I use to get this bread kindly help me . Please help me

    1. You could try doing it with semolin. There are recipes on the web for semolin panettone..

    2. Hi!
      Honestly I have no idea how much gluten to add. Sorry.
      My flour is 12.7-13.5 protein. Maybe it will help you to have an idea.

  54. Worst recipe ruined my mood and cake , dough very liquid how can a dough with 300g flour 200g butter and 150g egg yolks work , wasted 30euro too

    1. Andrew, sorry to hear it didn’t work out for you.
      This is the hardest dough to work with. And defeats some skills née to make it work.
      But it’s 100% achievable with some practice.

  55. Everything was goi g good till baking. It did Not bake in 30 minutes It was still RAW i the middle. I took it out and it collapsed.

    1. Hi!
      Sorry to hear it. Usually collapse happens in 2 reasons: not developed gluten or underbaked.

  56. Hi Natalia,

    Thanks for the recipe. I too ended up with a cake batter sloppy dough texture. Starting after adding the 96g egg yolk. Any advice on how to check the strength of dough and what speed to mix.

    1. Jorge, sorry to hear it didn’t work out.
      You have to develop strong gluten before adding following ingredient.
      Patience is the key.

  57. Hi Natasha,
    I’m excited to try my first panettone! But, I do have a couple of questions:
    1. Can I skip the 2g of malt if I’m using “artisan” flour that is already malted?
    2. Can I scale down all of the ingredients (by percentage) if I only need 751g of dough according to the dough calculator? (I have molds that are 16x11cm).
    3. Is there a rule of thumb for baking time for loaves of different sizes/weights?

    Thank you!
    Jon R

    1. Jon, hi!
      Yes, you can skip malt, and off course you can recalculate the amount of ingredients according the baker’s percentage.
      Smaller molds will be ready in 20-28 minutes;depending on the size.


    1. Hi!
      First dough needs to be proofed at 26-28C

  59. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  60. Hi Natasha, thank you for sharing the recipe. Can you please reconfirm that second dough indeed needs only 60 grams of flour compared to almost 220 grams of yolks+butter mix? This looks quite low… could it be aomething else like 260 or 360 grams, or even higher? Thank you in advance for your response

    1. Hi!
      Yes, all correct

  61. Hi, which is the reason why my panettone didn’t develop air pockets? It’s still soft on the inside but the texture is more cakey than airy

    1. Hi!
      The cakey structure says that gluten was under or over developed (ruined) next time stay focused on the strength of gluten.

  62. Hi! For those of us without stand mixers in our budget, is there any hope? I feel I can’t get any dough like this to the strength required by hand kneading (and it sticks horribly). Any advice is well recommended.

    1. Hi!
      Sorry, without the mixer it will be super challenging 😔
      I know only one person who was able to pull the dough together and create nice gluten by hands.
      But many other people failed.

  63. I have the same question as Eliana. For the first dough rest, should it be in the refrigerator or at room temperature. I’ve tried other panettone recipes and put the 1st dough in the refrigerator overnight and it had tripled. I did the same with your recipe but then realized 4 hours later that maybe it should be at room temperature… now 15 hours after I started the first proof, I’ve put it back in the refrigerator so that I can finish in the morning. In the last 3 hours, the dough finally started to rise with bubbles on top. It smells fine and looks good. Any advice is much appreciated.

    1. Hi!
      First dough for panettone should be proofing at 24-30C.

  64. What sort of flour do you use? I mean P L W values, Farinograph results,extensograph results anything you have is helpful.
    I mean I have Thomas Teffri-Chambelland’s book and first go to recipe was Roy’s no doubt. But My flour at 12.5 protein did not really work.
    I have an active madre feed at 4.1ph, first dough was 5.1 ph. My DDTs we correct. I did everything right but still no luck.

    1. Hi!
      I’m using Molino Pasini panettone flour. It works the best.

  65. hello. Can it be done in thermomix? Is there any precedent?

    1. Hi!
      Sorry I don’t know anyone who used thermomix for panettone before.

  66. Hi Natasha!

    What did you top your panettone with? Thanks so much!

    I just love your recipes. I especially appreciate that u tell how long and at what speed to knead in a kitchenaid mixer. Your bread recipes that I have made have all turned out so fabulously.

    1. Thank you, Jean for all your kind feedback and support.
      For topping I’m using
      1part almond flour:2 parts sugar:1/2 parts egg whites

  67. Hi, thanks for shaing rexipe. I have a question. Please let me know why you add egg yolks after adding butter.
    Can I add egg yolks before butter?

    1. Hi!
      It doesn’t matter. Yolks or butter first

  68. Hello Natasha, can you say how long the panettone will last? Thanks

    1. Hi!
      If it’s made and stored properly and the acidity was in proper range, then it can stay fresh up to 2 weeks.

  69. Hi Natasha,
    Thank you so much for amaizing recipe for panettone.
    Can I use yeast instead of starter. How much dry yeast I need?
    Thank you

  70. OMG, thank you so much for this espectacular website with very good information! I want to make it! Have a nice day!!!

  71. Hello, stiff starter is that sourdough starter??

  72. Natasha, barley malt powder or syrup, please?

  73. How much yeast? I don’t see it in the recipe .
    Can you substitute the malt?

  74. Hi dear Natasha, thanks for your recipes,I used your amount of recipe, but my batter was very loose and the mixing took one hour time, I had to add flour, but due to mixing too much, my dough becomes stretchy and it is still loose and sticks to my hands, what is the reason?could I reduce the amount of water or egg??

  75. Hi Natasha,
    Can you tell me how long it will last (keep) at room temp after the bake? I’m baking bunch of this to giveaways and wanted to know the shelf life

  76. Is it possible to substitute the orange and lemon zests for orange and lemon paste?

  77. few questions
    1) How do you fix Ph of first dough if it is too low. ?
    I get 3 feeds right( (3.5 hours + 3 times the size with ph 4.2) but my ph of first dough is around 4.2
    2) how do you convert lactic stiff 0.45 hydro to be more lactic which is already in 18c for overnight rests?
    3) Can you have a successful Levito Madre if you build it from a levain at 100% hydro or should you start a new LM with apples or some other fruit?


  78. Hi Natasha!
    How important is it to use panettone or 0 type flour?
    Can i achieve a proper light and fluffy and airy loaf with high quality organic, high protein bread flour?

  79. Hi there.
    Can you confirm how much flour needed for second dough. Recipe sets 60 grams. But it does not appear to be enough. Please let me know correct amount of flour for second dough. Thank you.

  80. Malt powder or diastatic malt powder is really necessary in this bread due to the long rising times. Its found on Amazon or any beer making supply company. It keeps the yeast active during long rise times. It gives the yeast something to eat and stay busy! I wouldn’t make this recipe without it

  81. Fabulous!!! Tips and tricks! First off if you’ve never worked with brioche dough I would recommend saving your time and ingredients and make that first!! Practice makes perfect…then come back and make pannatone! This is a very slack loose dough almost like cake batter …most brioche is!! Thats how its supposed to be! Tips: Mix first dough to window pane stage then after 12 hour room temperature rise – place in refrigerator overnight! If you start with cold 1st dough it doesn’t over heat! When mixing 1st dough into 2nd – mix flour and malt for 10 min , add sugar 10 min then rest of ingredients another 30 minutes. Mix until passes window pane test! 1st dough took 12 hours 2nd dough took 8 hours.
    I used KA stiff starter recipe. I’ve made 50+ pannatone and this is by far the best!

    1. Also cook to internal temperature of 200F and hang upside down to cool!!
      I made one large and it took approx 50 minutes. Always use thermometer

  82. Didn’t work. The dough has been liquid since the beginning. I went for a full gluten development before adding the sugar even. THe window pane test was perfect. The dough is too liquidy and slacky. It doesn’t work regular 40% starter as mentioned. Only use levito madre or change the recipe.

    1. Im sorry to hear it didn’t work out for you. It’s the most complicated recipe of all and requires some practice and patience. proper flour can play important role too.

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