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Pizza Dough for the Outdoor Oven

Yeast Pizza

If you are using one of the outdoor pizza ovens, then I would strongly recommend for you to consider lowering the dough hydration and using yeast instead of sourdough starter as a leavening agent. The reason being, the sourdough starter makes the crumb wet (if you bake pizza in an outdoor pizza oven like ROCCBOX by Gozney). 

The recipe is super easy and can be mixed by hands. 

Patience and lower temperature are the key components to achieve an open and light pizza crust.

Yield: 8 x 200g pizzas.


Main Dough 


  • 4 pm Dissolve yeast in water, add flour and salt, knead by hand or in mixer for couple of minutes, until all incorporated, but dough still look lumpy.
  • Let rest 30 min covered
  • 4:30 pm knead the dough by hand or in mixer for couple of minutes. Dough should start to look nice and smooth.
  • Let rest 30 min covered.
  • Prepare tray, oil it with olive oil.
  • 5 pm Divide the dough on 8 pieces, 200g each. Round them. Transfer pizza balls to the tray, cover with plastic.
  • Let ferment at 18-20C until next day (for 18-22 hours).

Note: find a cool place in your house. Slow and long fermentation at lower temperatures will give a nice open crumb to your pizza.

Next day 

By the end of fermentation the dough will spread, and won’t look bubbly. It will remain kind of flat. That’s the key to a successful crust.

2 pm start preheating your rock box for at least 40 min on a high flame. The temperature has to reach 700F.

Start shaping your pizza dough. 

Use semolina flour, to prevent sticking.

Garnish your pizza with sauce and toppings.

Load pizza inside the oven, change the flame to the lowest mode, keep rotating pizza every 15 seconds, to prevent burning.


P.S. if you are interested in sourdough pizza recipe, it is available in my book.

20 thoughts on “Pizza Dough for the Outdoor Oven

  1. Your recipes looks delicious

    1. Thank you 🙏

  2. Amout of your dry yeast is not clear, I didnt undrstand , 0.1gr
    How we measure it?

    1. Just keep in mind that the amount of yeast should be less than 1 g by 10 times.

  3. Fantastic recipe, thank you!

    1. Thank you for your feedback

  4. I love your posts! And I was especially excited to find this one regarding pizza for the outdoor pizza oven. I have had MISERABLE luck with my Roccbox. The points of downfall are: (1) transferring the prepared pizza to and off the peel, and (2) finding the pizza burns too much along the edges before the rest of the pie has baked. From reading your post, I believe the reasons for these problems have to do with my dough being TOO HYDRATED and not lowering the temperature once the pizza pie is ready to bake. 🙂 🙂 I noticed also from looking at your pictures that you perhaps form your pizza in a nonstick pan and then transfer it to the peel! Yes?? What an ingenious idea!!!! Wow! OK. I’m diving into this again tonight fully determined to conquer this! I really don’t want to give up on this and revert to pizza-making in the oven. But these continuous failures and mounting frustration have zapped some of the enthusiasm of this process. Thanks for all your WONDERFUL posts!!!

    1. Thank you so much for your feedback.
      Preheat the oven, then lower temperature ( it will extend baking time without burning)
      Use less hydrated dough.
      Also if you are struggling to transfer the pizza into the oven, use circle parchment paper, and shape pizza on it.
      Transfer the pizza into the oven with parchment paper.
      It will help to prevent burning the bottom and will make transfer easier.

      1. Thanks so much for your response. I tried it the other day…. and YIPPEE! It worked!!! I am about to go make some more dough right now so that we can have pizza tomorrow! 🙂 I nearly gave up (well, not quite), but your guidance here saved the day! It was the best pizza I’ve made so far. Thanks again!!!

  5. Can I freeze the pizza dough?

    1. You can try but it won’t be as good.

  6. Hi! Didn’t understand very well the amount of yeast. How do you measure an amount that is that small?

    1. Hi!
      It is very tiny!
      Im just eyeballing.

    2. hi! looks so great, thanks for sharing.
      if the weather is hot, shuld i put the dough in the fridge for the long rest? and what shuld i do if I want to freeze
      some of the dough balls?
      shuld it be after the 18-22 h rest time or before? and shuld i increase the yeasts amount maybe? thank you!

  7. buy a pocket scale. they’re $10-$20 and will measure to .01 (a hundredth of a gram) some even go to .001 (a thousandths of a gram)!

    1. Thank you 🙏

  8. Wondering What’s the secret of using so low yeast, all the recipes I’ve seen are at least 1-2%. What does it help with ?

  9. Wow.!!! cant believe this recipe was free all along! been making pizza when pandemic starts and cant find the real and best recipe.. and voila i find your reels on facebook and brought me here… Thank you so so
    and Thank You LORD !
    definitely i WILL try this IMMEDIATELY! soo exited…

    ADDTIONAL QUESTION :what if the weather is HOT, should i put the dough in the fridge for the long rest? and what shuld i do if I want to freeze
    Thank you and best regards…
    from Philippines

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  11. Can I use a traditional oven for this recipe?

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