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Sugar Brioche 

I recently attended an online course by Antonio Bachour where I learned how to make sugar brioche. This versatile brioche dough can be used to create a variety of delicious treats such as filled sweet buns, brioche bread, brioche rolls, and more. I wanted to share this recipe with all of you, so you can enjoy it too.

Brioche Dough


  • sugar for sprinkling on top
  • 50g butter cubbed into small cubes 


  • In a mixer fitted with the hook attachment combine flour, salt, sugar, whole eggs, egg yolks, invert sugar, milk and vanilla extract. Mix at low speed for 5 minutes.
  • Add half of the butter and fresh yeast and mix for 10 minutes at low speed. Finally, add the rest of the butter and mix for 10 minutes at low speed.
  • Use a plastic dough scraper or a spatula to turn the dough out onto a clean, very lightly floured work surface. The dough will be very moist. Knead it by hand a few times and then form it into a ball.
  • The dough must not reach more than 24°C.
  • Transfer the dough, smooth side up, to a clean large bowl. Cover loosely with plastic wrap and let the dough rise in the refrigerator at 6°C until tripled in size (about 24 hours)
  • Remove the dough from the fridge.
  • Coat round ring molds, 10cm wide , with butter. Scale 80 gr of brioche, form balls and flatten the dough. Place the dough into the molds.
  • Proof at 28°C for about 2- 2 ½ hours until doubled in size and with a puffy appearance.
  • Brush with egg wash and with the finger press down to create some holes, filling each hole with a cube of butter. Sprinkle on top with granulated sugar.
  • Bake in the oven for 10 minutes at 350F/170 C.


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11 thoughts on “Sugar Brioche 

  1. I don’t have access to fresh yeast how much SAF RED yeast would I use?

    1. I think the conversion rate for fresh to dry yeast is 2:1. Just divide fresh yeast amount by 2 and use that much dry.

      1. Thank you

      2. Rate for fresh to dry yeast is 3:1.

      3. Are you sure? Can you send me a link? Thank you

      4. To convert from fresh yeast to instant or active dry yeast, multiply the fresh quantity by 0.33

        To convert from instant or active dry yeast to fresh yeast, divide the dry yeast quantity by 0.33

  2. Wow 😮💖💖💖

  3. Hi
    I am looking forward to try this but would like to know about the instant yeast measure for this recipe please?

  4. Could you tell me how many eggs and egg yolks it would really be great to have the recipe in cup instead of grams ty

    1. I agree but I think these recipes are exact measurements that you use a scale so it’s in grams to be exact.

  5. Will have to try that!
    The amount of instant yeast would be 10 grams. If you can get hold of saf gold that would be even better as the gold works better with enriched doughs.
    Thx Natasha for sharing!!

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