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Challah Rolls

Challah Rolls

Here is a great alternative to bagels. These challah rolls are perfect for breakfast with butter, or cream cheese.

This dough can be also used to make a single challah loaf.

Ready in: 4 hoursServes: 7 people
Yield: 7 x 100g Challah rollsUnits: US, EU

If you are looking for challah made with sourdough starter, the recipe is here.



  • 400g bread flour (100%) (+/-40 g of flour depends on the strength of your flour)
  • 170g water (42%)
  • 1 large egg (12%)
  • 65g sugar (16%)
  • 8g salt (2%)
  • 30g oil without flavor (7.5%)
  • Seeds for coating 
  • 4g dry instant yeast (1%)



  • 8 am mix water, egg, yeast, sugar, all the flour, let it autolyse for 1 hour.
  • During the autolyse process the flour becomes fully hydrated. This activates gluten development.
  • 9 am mix the dough on low speed of your mixing machine for 2-3 minutes, or KitchenAid on speed 3 for 3-4 minutes until well incorporated.
  • Add salt, mix for a couple more minutes. The dough should come up together.
  • Slowly pour oil , mix for 15 more minutes until the dough is well incorporated and comes up together. 

If the dough looks too sticky, add a little more flour. If it’s too stiff, you can add some water (depending on the strength of your flour)

  • Perform a windowpane test. Wet your hands and stretch the dough. You should be able to stretch it thin, that’s a sign of a well developed gluten, and that your final product will have a soft and light structure.
  • Cover and let it proof for 2 hours at 76-80F/ 24-28C.
  • During that time perform 1 stretch and fold.
  • The dough should become puffy and bigger.
  • 11 am divide the dough onto seven 100g pieces. Roll them as a cylinders.
  • Then roll each cylinder as a rope, about 20-25cm/9-10inches long.
  • Shape rolls as shown on the picture or any other way you’d like.
  • Dip each braided roll into a water and then into the seeds, place them on baking tray covered with parchment paper.
  • Let your challah rolls proof for 1 hour.
  • Bake them at 375F for 10 min, then 350F for 12-15 min more.


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9 thoughts on “Challah Rolls

  1. Wow 🤩

  2. Parli della cottura 10m a 180 e poi ancora 15m a 180 …è corretto?

  3. Gave these a try. The dough was sticky, so had a heck of a time shaping. But they tasted lovely.

    1. Thanks for your feedback. Depends on a strength of the flour, or mixing, dough can be sticky. But I’m glad you liked it at the end ❤️

  4. Challah is traditionally made with olive oil and honey, but this looks like a great recipe! Excited to try this and the sourdough challah one. Im wondering if I could swap out the sugar for honey and the oil as olive oil?

    1. Actually challah is traditionally made with sugar and canola oil. Honey is used to dip the bread in at the Jewish New Year celebration called Rosh Hashonah.
      With that being said , I see no reason for you not to make those changes with success .

  5. Thanks for recipe. I just have to proof 1 our than in the oven.

  6. Going to try these at work, for a hot dog bun. I work at a sausage company, they buy the buns! It’s a crime .. I feel it, this is the recipe I need to change their minds!

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